Stephen is an avid photographer.

My photography has been online since 2003 & for purchase since 2007.


In 1984 my photography journey began with my first camera, opening up my world. In 1992 I upgraded to a film camera, capturing incredible images at the Adelaide Clipsal 5000. Fast forward to 2007, when I acquired my first dSLR.

My collection of cameras, lenses, and accessories has grown, supporting both photography and video production.

My photography portrays Australia, New Zealand, and Kangaroo Island, showcasing subjects like landscapes, seascapes, abstracts, textures, macro shots, and still-life moments.


On Flickr

I started sharing my photos on Flickr, and educational organizations asked to use my work in their publications. As my style evolved, I moved my photo collections to Redbubble, filled with my captivating creations. Check out my mesmerizing book with 92 stunning photos from Kangaroo Island.