Visual Portfolio of Stephen Mitchell.

I design and create art and graphics for our family-businesses and photography sites, plus for my social media, merchandise collections and radio programs.

These are just a few of the many produced since 1998.


[Mow & Wash Logo]

2019 \ Logo & Stickers

Created logo and graphics for my small business! Including payment symbols.

LSBeez KI Honey

LSBeez Sticker

2016 \ Stickers

Created stickers to help fund my wife's business after 2020 fires.

Fave New Advert 01 Fave New Advert 02 Fave New Advert 03 Fave New Advert 04 Fave New Advert 05

2021 \ Online Adverts

Updated design needed all new graphics.

Radio Station: 5KIx FM90.7

[5KIxFM Station Logo]

2019 \ Logo & Adverts

Designed & created every single image for temp’ site! Also produced adverts for presenter's shows.

Rockabilly Kangaroo Island Massive Music  Mix

2020 \ Logos

Designed logos and graphics for my TWO radio programs.

My Clothing Collections

[artiSTARTup Logo]

2019 \

Logo & Site Headers \ Both new tshirt designs and created new visual upbeat yet simple designs.


2014 \

TShirts \ Originally for professional TOGs on Redbubble, now includes many amusing and original designs.

[Baby on Board Pic]

2007 \ Sticker

Created & uploaded design based on family event. Still my most popular product!

My Photography Galleries

[Redbubble TShirt Icon]

2012 \

Icon & Header Image \ Moved from independent art-graphics-only store to improve sales. It did.

2011 \

Header Image created to promote collection across internet. Also built to fit specific width for Wordpress.