Stephen creates his graphics.

I embarked on my creative journey in 1998, producing artwork and enhancing my photography.

[ Logo]

In 2002 I began learning GIMP, the graphic-design software. Since then I have created a collection of art that includes business logos, commissioned graphic art, and illustrations for merchandise. Read on to see those remain online:

Mow&Wash (2019-)

[Mow & Wash Logo]

For my small window washing venture, I conceived a logo that strikes a balance between minimalism and directness, easy recall, printing, and and adaptabile for side hustles.

LSBeez KI Honey (2016-)

[LSBeez Logo]

Between 2016-2020, I provided support developing creative sticker ads and design projects. By 2023, I started creating visually appealing digital graphics and a new website suitable for all browsers. (2014-)

[Redbubble Logo]

Redbubble is where I present and sell my visually attractive design creations, available on multiple mediums for effortless purchasing.

Redbubble (2012-)

[Redbubble Logo]

Transformation of Icons & Header Images from an individual store to a dedicated online graphics store gave a huge boost to sales.

5KIx FM90.7 Radio Station (2019-2021)

[5KIxFM90.7 Logo]

Designed & created every image for potential website. Also produced unique advertisments for each presenter's radio show. Created current station logo for a personal project, yet was asked if they could use it longterm. Happy days for me!