Stephen creates his graphics.

Having embarked on a creative journey since 1998, I've engaged in producing artwork and enhancing my photography using the graphic design software GIMP.

As a result, I've created a diverse collection of art that encompasses logos, commissioned graphic art, merchandise. My merchandise is available to purchase on various online platforms.


[LSBeez Logo]

LSBeez KI Honey (2016-)

During 2020, I provided support to my wife's business by developing creative sticker ads and design projects. By 2023, I started creating visually appealing digital graphics suitable for all devices.

[Mow & Wash Logo]

Mow&Wash (2019-)

For my small window washing venture, I conceived a logo that strikes a balance between minimalism and directness, easy recall, printing, and and adaptabile for side hustles.


[Redbubble Logo] (2014-)

Redbubble is where I present and sell my visually attractive design creations, available on multiple mediums for effortless purchasing.

Online Writing

Each article was accompanied by an exclusive image, designed to match its essence. In mid 2023 I created captivating visuals for the embeddedAmazon advertisements.


Redbubble (2012-)

Transformation of Icons & Header Images from an individual store to a dedicated online graphics store gave a huge boost to sales.

FineArtGallery / Pixels (2011-)

Crafted an eye-catching Header Image to draw attention to my photography collection around the web. / No longer online..

Local Community

5KIx FM90.7 Radio Station (2019-2021)

[5KIxFM90.7 Logo]

Designed & created every image for potential website. Also produced unique advertisments for each presenter's radio show. Created current station logo for a personal project, yet was asked if they could use it longterm. Happy days for me!