Biography of Stephen Mitchell,

My Life History, Decade By Decade:

While my personal history has been nteresting, it's no longer necessary to display it online. Over the years, I've had various pursuits, but my focus has shifted towards more private aspects of my life. I now keep my history offline. This page only tells you what I've done to make me the person I am today:


Started my first business recycling paper as art at age 18. Began learning Web Design. Volunteer with Apex Club of Blackwood. I met then married Sarah Bell. Still married with two sons.


At age 34 registered and started online business ezCREATE® & Became volunteer with Apex Club of West Beach. Became youngest volunteer as State Webmaster on Apex SA/NT State Board. Purchased first DSLR cameras with improved glass.


Moved to Kangaroo Island for Sarah to become queen-bee apiarist for LSBeez KI Honey. Volunteered my voice and computer skills to be a Radio Presenter at 5KIx FM90.7. Started my third business at age 48 - Mow&Wash - doing Window Washing across Kangaroo Island.