Stephen designs web sites.

Web-design was my entrée to the WWW. Below lists some of the many websites I have created and are still online.

Portfolio of Websites (1998-2023)

5KIx FM90.7 (2019-)

Designed a modern web page centered around a CSS-Grid theme, specifically tailored for presenting my radio station programs, incorporating convenient links to my WordPress playlists, detailed program information, and icons for financial support.

Mow&Wash (2018-)

Making use of HTML5 and CSS3, a website was crafted for my small-scale business that caters to the needs of Kangaroo Island residents & businesses by offering professional window cleaning services.

LSBeez (2013-)

Our family honey. The site includes jar sizes, product information and merchandise. It was enhanced to HTML5 in 2019 and underwent two re-designs in 2022. The current manifestation of the website has been a successful experiment.

ezCREATE (2003-)

Originally designed as a means to showcase my programing skills, it eventually grew into a static focal point for my online existence.

U2 Shrine (2000-2018)

Since 1984, I've maintained a static home-shrine plus this virtual-sanctuary as a tribute to my U2 collection. It was transitioned to Wordpress in 2017 but ended up being deleted in 2018

Four Feral Cats (2004-2014)

Designed to amusingly illustrate how street-found cats can thrive within the constraints of a domestic suburban lifestyle. Tragically, all four cats passed away from 2011 to 2014.

Web Design History


LSBeez KI Honey recieved a complete makeover.


Mow&Wash, LSBeez, and ezCREATE underwent a transformation in 2020-2021 when I utilized HTML5/CSS3 components and attributes, alongside my acquisition of

In 2022, I made use of gridbox CSS3 to fashion a contemporary site for 5KIxFM90.7, and subsequently introduced flexible-grids to overhaul LSBeez and ezCREATE.

In 2023, I took the initiative (twice) to re-conceptualize and refine every single component of

BTW, This whole site validates! The font used is available from Google: Neucha


Learning CSS3 & HTML5 rekindled my creative fire. I made the decision to use NotePad++ as my sole tool and set out on the journey of crafting an unofficial website for the 5KixFM90.7 community radio station.. (2019)


Discovered fluid designs characterized by an array of sprites, which prompted the conversion of Sturt Table Tennis Club, West Beach Apex Club, and Apex SANT from MS-Word to HTML & CSS through a redesign process.


Before the Internet gained popularity, I gained proficiency in HTML and CSS by utilizing Microsoft NotePad and Adobe Dreamweaver. I rejected the use of IFRAMES and switched to external style sheets. Furthermore, I diligently identified and reported CSS and HTML errors in various web pages of the time.

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