LSBeez Ligurian Bee Honey
from Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Most of our family are on social media, presenting our produce to customers in many ways:

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Our business page now displays our opening hours, customer reviews, photographs of our prize-winning honey, family support plus much more. @LSBeez

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Using footage shot on Kangaroo Island, Stephen produces short videos of Ligurian Bees plus local flora and fauna.

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Showing off photographs of our team faces, bottles & jars, stockists, honey-process, and food covered in honey. @LSBeezHoney

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Advertising our products, discussing news, and giving updates on our new 'beechange' Kangaroo Island adventure. All Tweets by @eztephen. UPDATE: @LSBeez

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Do you want to buy our delicious honey in a jar or squeezie? Are you able to sell our honey in your speciality store or tourism-centre? Contact us Today!