LSBeez Kangaroo Island Honey

Large Jars

Great for restaurants, busy kitchens, and gifts for busy mums.

* New photos of jars coming.

1kg Jar of LSBeez Honey

1000g / 1365g gross


1.4kg Jar of LSBeez Honey

1400g / 1930g gross


Medium Jars

Our most popular for ease of mailing.

400g Jar of LSBeez Honey

400G / 645g gross


500g Squeezie of LSBeez Honey

500g / 540g gross


Small Jars

Great for hotel and party gifts.

150g Jar of LSBeez Honey

150g / 280g gross


280g Jar of LSBeez Honey

280g / 470g gross


Price of P&H on GROSS weight of honey.

Add to the total weight of your selection:

Up to 500 grams = $ 9.00
Up to 3 kilograms = $ 14.00
Up to 5 kilograms = $ 18.00

Two 500g Squeezies of LSBeez Honey

Package #1

Two 500g Squeezies + P&H



Postage around Australia ONLY, but not Western Australia.
Payment via direct deposit available.
Invoices sent via email or snail-mail.
Our stockists set their own RRP.

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1.4kg Jar & 500g Squeezie of LSBeez Honey

Package #2

1.4kg Jar & 500g Squeezie + P&H