Tips & Tricks for Photo Sessions


We do family portraits as small or large as you want - From sittings with just the parents and child(ren), to extended family, grandparents or even pets, because we all know that our pets are also part of our family!

Events & Outdoor

Whether it be a 1st Birthday party, a Christening, an Engagement or a relative or friend's 40th, we're at your service. We're there to capture the event for you, so you don't have to worry about missing out on all the fun!

Best Friends

Having pictures with your friends can mean a lot, especially in the future and they also make fantastic presents. In a relaxed environment, the atmosphere is set for enjoyment, allowing you to show the bonds of friendship to capture the perfect image of you and your bestie!


If you're looking for a present that is a little different, enjoy a 'Couple Session' to have some fun in different poses. I can show the 'cheekiness' or 'fun' that you have as a couple or the 'closeness' or 'love' that you wish to convey. Perfect for Christmas or Valentines Day!

Tips and Hints

For Portrait sittings, we do recommend wearing warm rich colours, black and white clothing or demin jeans and a plain tshirt, as they photograph well.

Choose a colour scheme to go with for family portraits, for example; blue, purple, white and black - blue shirt or purple dress for one person, white or blue shirt for another and black pants or denim jeans.

Try to avoid putting lots of different ranges of colours on or wearing patterns, especially when there are many family members in the portrait, as they can be distracting to the viewer.

If you are wanting your portraits for a special occasion, feel free to bring anything that you would like to be included in the portraits. For example, a sports uniform, special toys or the favourite blanket.