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Photo Sessions by Stephen Mitchell


We do family portraits for any size group: From sittings with parents & child(ren), to extended family and grandparents.

Events & Outdoor

Whether it be a 1st Birthday party, a Christening, an Engagement or a 23rd Birthday, we're at your service. We'll capture the event so you don't miss out on all the fun!

Best Friends

Having pictures with your friends is meaningful. In a relaxed environment, the atmosphere is set for enjoyment, allowing you to show the bonds of friendship to capture the perfect image of both people.


If you're looking for a present that is a little different, enjoy a 'Couple Session' to have some fun in different poses. Perfect for Christmas or Valentines Day!

Tips and Hints for Portrait and Group Sessions:

  • We recommend wearing warm rich colours, black and white clothing, or denim jeans and a plain tshirt, as they photograph well.
  • Choose a clothing colour scheme for family portraits that suits your family style, but not similar to grandma's floral lounges
  • Avoid putting too many colours or patterns together, especially when there are many family members in the portrait, as it will be distracting to the viewer.
  • For special-occasion portraits, feel free to bring things that you would like included in the session - a sports uniform, special toys for babies, or dinosaur heads.