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Payment for Services from Stephen Mitchell

Three Payment Methods:

1. You can pay on the day before or after completion of work.

2. You can pay online via direct banking. My bank account & BSB are written on image:
Your surname & service (LM or WW) as reference.

[Mow and Wash Bank Account and BSB, no link]

3. You can gift an item from the comprehensive list below to the same value as the service provided.

Why Would You View My Wishlist?

  • To barter payment for photography or graphic design work,
  • For anonymous donations / gifts, or
  • For gifts on celebratory days like Xmas/Birthday/Father's day.

How to use:

  • Peruse list below to locate an item matching the $AUS amount you owe or wish to donate.
  • Purchase item from the connecting website - or seek out a site where you can get at a cheaper rate. I don't need to know.
  • Postal Address: Att: Stephen Mitchell, PO Box 950, Kingscote 5223, South Australia, Australia

The Wish List