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Stephen's Photography Q & A

Why do I enjoy photography?

  • Capturing a location for its architecture, preserving it for future generations. I enjoy watching changes in a series of moments, capturing each in a unique way.
  • Capturing true skin tone is always a pleasure, whereby humans are posed in diffused sun-light to reduce post-production time.

When did I first get into photography, and with which equipment do I now shoot?

During my teenage years (in the 1980's) my earliest camera was an Polaroid ColorPack 80. I currently shoot with Canon bodies & lenses, plus one Tamron lens.

Where did I learn photography?

I started learning in 1987, applying knowledge learned from books & short courses mixed with the best way to learn - testing every feature & function of my camera & equipment.

I have no preconceived methods: I capture scenes the way I like them, not because tutorials say what looks best. I enjoy trialling & testing alternative styles & genres.

Have I shot casual, corporate, sport functions, or event photography?

  • Art Museum, Kangaroo Island - outdoor cinema night [March 2018]
  • Art Gallery, Kangaroo Island - opening night for exhibition [May 2017]
  • Newspaper 'TheIslander', Kangaroo Island - football & netball [2017]
  • Highway Inn, Adelaide - New Years Eve parties [2010, 2011]
  • The DeadReds Wine Group events. [2007-2011]