Stephen Mitchell's Group & Solo Photographic Exhibitions

2016 SALA Exhibition

THEME: "From Another Perspective"

LOCATION: The Catalyst Foundation - 149 Currie Street, Adelaide

You were invited to peruse these ten images photographed on Kangaroo Island.

Knotted Rope 2 | Punk Pelican | Jetty Angles | Sinking Tractor | Car Wings | Last the to Ark | Cool Weave | Twenty Three / 23 | Rock Chasm III | Remains of the Cola

Marina Pier Art Show, Adelaide, SA (October 2010)

You were invited to peruse these six images on exhibition. All were photographed on the Glenelg Explanade.

Neither Up Nor Down | Nine Ten Eleven | Going Around in Circles | Sitting Pretty | On the Way Up | Empty Ride

2010 SALA Exhibition

THEME: "Lines on the Horizon"

LOCATION: Regency Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide CBD

Here are the twenty framed water scapes & scenes, all photographed on Kangaroo Island, on display. You were invited.

By Wind or Water | Escaping the Storm | Expanse | Kingscote Harbour | Knotted Rope | Lines across the Horizon | Lines on the Horizon | Moments in Reflection | Moment to Remember (Pano) | Moment to Remember | On the Next Tide | Outboard Motors | Out to the Horizon
My #SALA Stall - Card Collection My #SALA Stall - Front of House Panorama Framed and Well Hung

FlickrSA Group (2007)

THEME: "Refuge"

LOCATION: Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George Street, Thebarton, Adelaide

You were invited to peruse these few images on exhibition. Both were photographed on Kangaroo Island.

Last of the Grain | Rain Maker
The participating group of artists met through worldwide photo-sharing site, Flickr, and have turned their online union into a meaningful collaboration. The photos bring to light our sanctuaries and the places we choose as safe-havens from our hectic lifestyles. In our stressed-out lives of mobile phones, voice mail, e-mail, we all need a place where we can retreat and reflect and truly be ourselves. Emma Hack, award winning body artist, opened the event.
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