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Stephen's Photography Exhibitions

Exhibiting my Artwork

Upon offer to submit artwork for exhibition, either as a solo-artist or within a group of photographers, I enjoyed the opportunity. Here are those times:

Solo Exhibitions

KI Gallery [2018 onwards]

THEME: All Kangaroo Island

LOCATION: Kangaroo Island Gallery # - 1 Murray Street Kingscote

Displaying a plethora of genrés of nature and scenes captured on Kangaroo Island on display at the Kangaroo Island Gallery upon cards, post-cards & small-frames. Large frames of my SALA 2016 photography will be available in mid 2019.

Group Exhibitions

SALA [2016]

THEME: From Another Perspective

LOCATION: The Catalyst Foundation - 149 Currie Street, Adelaide

You were invited to peruse these images photographed on Kangaroo Island.

FlickrSA Group (2007)

THEME: Refuge

LOCATION: Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George Street, Thebarton, Adelaide

You were invited to peruse a few photographs from my Flickr collection, all photographed on Kangaroo Island.

The participating group of artists met through worldwide photo-sharing site, Flickr, and have turned their online union into a meaningful collaboration. The photos bring to light our sanctuaries and the places we choose as safe-havens from our hectic lifestyles. In our stressed-out lives of mobile phones, voice mail, e-mail, we all need a place where we can retreat and reflect and truly be ourselves. Emma Hack, award winning body artist, opened the event.
Extracted from archive.upcoming.org

Casual, Corporate, & Events

  • Art Museum, Kangaroo Island - outdoor cinema night [March 2018]
  • Art Gallery, Kangaroo Island - opening night for exhibition [May 2017]
  • Newspaper 'TheIslander', Kangaroo Island - football & netball [2017]
  • Highway Inn, Adelaide - New Years Eve parties [2010, 2011]
  • The DeadReds Wine Group events. [2007-2011]