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I have shot many photographs since my teenage years (in the 1980's). My earliest camera was a Polaroid ColorPack 80. I now shoot with Canon bodies & lenses, plus one Tamron lens.

I now predominately capture:

  • Seasonal seascapes & landscapes and farm paraphernalia across Kangaroo Island, South Australia.
  • Flora, beach debris and architecure across both Mid NSW and lower QLD, Australia.
  • Australian city architecture, preserving it for future generations.

I enjoy watching changes in a series of moments, capturing each in a unique way. I have no preconceived methods: I capture scenes the way I like them, not because tutorials say what looks best.

I enjoy shooting portrait, glamour & clothing photography. I am available for casual photography at outdoor events and indoor parties; Image quality for newspaper, magazine and online publication.


My full range of artwork is available to purchase upon these sites: