Photography Q&A of Stephen Mitchell

Have I photographed casual or corporate functions & events?

I have photographed the DeadReds Wine Group events. I have photographed casual and corporate portrait at the Highway Inn, Anzac Highway, Adelaide, South Australia on NYE a few times. I also have had many clients for portrait, family and baby sessions.

Why do I enjoy photography?

It is my way to capture a specific moment to tell the full story. I shoot to preserve architectural history that future generations will never see.

I enjoy seeing the ambience of a location, watching changes in a series of moments, capturing each a unique way.

Between searching for new locations, I produce art that looks good on multiple mediums. I often shoot Kangaroo Island landscapes and abstract textures.

How long have I been shooting?

Since my teenage years in the 1980's. My earliest camera was a instamatic-Polaroid.

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Where did I learn photography?

I am self-taught, plus a few short-courses. I have no preconceived notions about the perfect methods: I capture scenes the way I like them, not because tutorials say what looks best.

What brand do I prefer, and which cameras do I shoot with?

Primary: Canon 7D + Canon 50D.

Which tripods do I use for outdoor photography?

We use MANFROTTO tripods for outdoor & landscape, plus a SHERPA for indoor & posed/portrait. A monopod is utilised during social gatherings & corporate events.