Stephen Mitchell's Photography Q & A

I am an avid photographer. My artwork has exhibited at SALA (2010 & 2016).

Why do I enjoy photography?

People - Portrait/Pose

Capturing the true and actual skin tone is always a pleasure, without resorting to post-production/manipulation of the image. I enjoy posing and shooting models using both both sun-light and white-light to ensure the outcome within camera meets their specifications, thereby reducing post-production time. The results are worth the effort.


To capture a specific moment to tell the full story, thereby preserving history for future generations to see. I enjoy seeing the ambience of a location, watching changes in a series of moments, capturing each in a unique way.

Have I photographed casual or corporate functions & events?

Have I photographed sporting, outdoors or active functions & events?

When did I first get into photography, and with which equipment do you now shoot?

During my teenage years in the 1980's, my earliest camera was an instamatic-Polaroid. I currently shoot with a Canon bodies and lenses, plus one Tamron lens. I am equipped to shoot in wet weather - but prefer to avoid it.

Where did I learn photography?

I am self-taught over the last thirty years, applying knowledge learned from books and short courses mixed with the best way to learn - testing every feature & function of my camera and equipment. Utilising the internet I enjoy watching and reading equipment knowledge so I can trial&test alternative/new styles and results. That said: I have no preconceived notions about the perfect methods: I capture scenes the way I like them, not because tutorials say what looks best.

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