Face of Stephen Mitchell

Stephen Mitchell is a professional window cleaner.

Until March 2024, you would have seen him working at many properties across Kangaroo Island alongside Justin Van Zyl (ClearView KI).

After Stephen and his family moved to Kangaroo Island in 2017, he began offering lawn mowing and window washing around Kingscote.
(Thus explaining the business name!)

After a chance meeeting with Justin in 2018, Stephen switched to window cleaning only.

With Justin as a trainer, mentor and good friend, Stephen has become a compotent and professional window cleaner.

He has been regularly contracted for residential, shop-front and luxury properties around Kangaroo Island.

What's Changing?

As of April 2024 Stephen will be providing professional window cleaning at Southern Ocean Lodge, plus training their staff.

Stephen will continue window-cleaning a few shop-fronts in Kingscote on Saturday mornings, so you will see him occasionally. Look out for him, say hello, and congratulate him!

For now his weekends are reserved for family!

Be Happy, Live Smart, Stay Strong

Lawn Mowing & Pressure Cleaning?

He's keeping his lawn mowing gear for his own property, and is seeking a buyer for his STIHL RB400 'The Beast' and all accessories. Call him for details.