G'day, I'm that Stephen Mitchell, the window cleaner on Kangaroo Island.

I clean windows, flyscreens and frames within residential, shop-front and luxury properties around Kangaroo Island.


In 2016, when my wife, two kids, and I settled on Kangaroo Island, I brought a lot of persistence, perspiration, and perseverance.

I began offering both lawn mowing and window washing services in Kingscote. That's how Mow&Wash was born!


After a fortunate conversation in mid-2017 with Justin Van Zyl of ClearViewKI, I was provided training and a regular workload of window cleaning.

With thanks to Justin, I have become a compotent and professional expert.

Skills & Ability

My skills have been utilized effectively at these Kangaroo Island locations.

  1. 1KI and Walcowrie (Island Beach)
  2. Aurora Ozone Hotel (Kingscote)
  3. Dune House (Emu Bay)
  4. Ocean Eco Villas (Nepean Bay)
  5. Pier Number 10 (Kingscote)
  6. Southern Ocean Lodge (Hanson Bay)
  7. Stanraer Homestaed (Macgillivray)

Contact Details available via Facebook

ABN 51594744072

If you are a ClearViewKI® client, call Justin first. If uncontactable, call Stephen to arrange appointment on Justin's behalf.

Lawn Mowing & Pressure Cleaning?

I'm holding onto my gear for personal use, but I'm ready to sell my STIHL RB400 'The Beast' and accessories to a new owner. Give me a call for more info!

Other Activities of Interest

Besides being a window guru, I host a radio program on 5KIxFM90.7 every Saturday night.

Let's not forget Sarah, my incredible wife, who runs her honey business from our Kingscote property.