Face of Stephen Stephen Mitchell is Mow&Wash®

Stephen provides window washing on Kangaroo Island.

You will see him working on residential, commercial, retail & holiday properties.

In business since 2017, he is now experienced, trained and skilled in all aspects of window washing.

Stephen provides good-value, a reliable service, plus cares about your satisfaction.


  1. Glass washed, outside & inside.
  2. Sill&Studs washed & wiped.
  3. Tracks cleaned and/or *vacuumed.
  4. Flyscreens cleaned & brushed.
  5. Cobweb and *wall-debris removal.
  6. * Where possible.

Contact Details

ABN 51594744072

Contracted to ClearViewKI®

I often work with Justin Van Zyl, and we often refer work to each other or work together on larger projects.

If you are a ClearViewKI® client, call Justin first.

If uncontactable, call Stephen to arrange appointment on Justin's behalf.


Available one-off or on regular basis.

2 - 4 weeks notice required prior to Xmas, Easter and Winter.


Stephen's lawn mowing and pressure cleaning services are only available to legacy clients.