** NOT AVAILABLE until 2021. **

I really would like to offer this to my Adelaide friends and family, but, sorry, I need to consider my health and family on Kangaroo Island. See you next year.

With 3 years experience window washing, I am now offering my professional skills to Adelaide, South Australia:

This includes (where possible):

  • Moving furniture & curtains where necessary +
  • Cleaning window glass, inside and out +
  • Window frames / sills / fly-screens +
  • Scrub roll-down pergola screens, inside & out.

What do you need to do?

  • Ask 4 neighbours to combine for ONE WEEK of window-washing (one house per day) +
  • Provide me Bed&Breakfast in a garage/man-cave/similar. I will pay for my own food, but will need amenities. +
  • Access to your yards and homes to wash all windows, inside & out.

Time & Rates & Payment

  • My Adelaide rate is$45 per hour. Payment options.
  • I allow3 & 6 hours on a single storey home, inside and out.
  • This allows for:
    • the amount & size of windows and flyscreens +
    • how easily flyscreen are detached +
    • window accessibility.

Disclaimer: Every house needs assessing before determining time required, therefore these rates are only a guide.

I am insured to perform within residential, commercial and retail locations.

  • Contact me when you have a week that suits everybody.