Mow&Wash History:

Stephen and his family moved to KI in late 2016. After much job hunting, by chance he saw a Facebook advert requesting the services of lawn-mower.


With only a basic lawnmower and whipper-snapper, his first client was born.

Via ONLY word-of-mouth, clientele grew fast!

LAWN MOWING available to Kingscote and Brownlow residents.


Extra duties were often requested, so the business adapted and evolved:

YARD MAINTENANCE & decluttering now available.


Stephen met Justin Van Zyl of ClearViewKI during a window-washing job. Justin welcomed Stephen and taught him professional window washing.

WINDOW WASHING now available.

June 2020

Stephen wanted to clean his own rental properly, so invested in a commercial pressure cleaner - and loved the work so much:

PRESSURE CLEANING now available.

Late 2020

Stephen worked full-time with Justin to wash windows on new-builds and existing buildings (residential and commercial) cleaning up after the fires.

Whilst Mow&Wash continued, Stephen was contracted by ClearViewKI # part-time yet much more often.

Lawn-mowing removed temporarily.

Xmas 2020 - Winter 2021

Window-washing 5-6 days a week for 8 months solid. This included all the schools, commercial work plus many high-end accommodation locations hidden around Kangaroo Island.

August 2021

After an extended window-washing break, Stephen returned to lawn mowing, this time with new toys:

High HEDGE TRIMMING and Small-medium CHAINSAWING will be available in September 2021.

Adequately experienced and insured.

Professionally trained & very experienced, I offer consistent service to all my clients, plus pledge to provide good value in window cleaning services. Available one-off or on regular basis. Often 2-4 weeks notice required.

Contact details: