[Stephen Mitchell] Yes, I am that Stephen Mitchell.

I provide Window Washing & Pressure Cleaning on Kangaroo Island.

When you hire me, you receive timely, reliable service from someone who cares about your satisfaction.

Mow&Wash Adequately experienced and insured.

Available one-off or on regular basis.

Currently 4-6 weeks notice required.

Window Washing I regularly perform window-washing with Justin Van Zyl of ClearViewKI®

*This can include brushing fly-screens, cleaning window frames, and vacuuming window-tracks.

Yes, Justin and I often refer work to each other, or work together for build-cleans and larger projects.

If you're a client of Justin, please call him first. I return the favour for him.

Pressure Cleaning Surfaces I will only pressure clean (after inspection) around your home & business:

  1. Concrete or paved patios, pergolas, verandahs, and decks.
  2. Medium to large wooden decks, and tiled areas.
  3. Retaining concrete or bricks on pallet, or vertical unpainted walls.
  4. Aluminium or wooden boat hulls.
  5. Roll-down garage doors.