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The LSBeez family is committed to producing premium-quality honey.

Lynne and Sarah work every day, either removing capped frames for extraction, sieving & bottling honey for orders, delivering to Adelaide, or building new boxes. Read all about them and their support team.

Photo of Lynne Bell

Lynne Bell Facebook

Queen Bee: Production & Collection

Lynne is an accredited apiarist, expert queen grafter, and grandma to six grandchildren.

Photo of Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell Facebook

Worker Bee: Marketing & Distribution

Sarah willingly gets her hands dirty to collect and bottle honey. She enjoys being mummy to two boys.

Photo of Ben Bell

Ben Bell

Yard Maintenance

Ben helps make and maintain frames and boxes. Ben appreciates the bees for their pollination of his fruit.

Photo of Stephen Mitchell

Stephen Mitchell Stephen on Facebook Stephen on Twitter

Online Presence & Salesman

Left corporate-life in late-2015 for a 'bee-change'. He is now our social media guy + online and local retail salesman.

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