LSBeez Kangaroo Island Honey

The LSBeez family is committed to producing premium-quality honey.

Lynne & Sarah work every day, removing capped frames for extraction, sieving & bottling for orders, and much more. Read about them and their support team.

Photo of Lynne Bell

Lynne Bell

Queen Bee: Production & Collection On Facebook

An accredited apiarist, expert queen grafter, and grandma to six grandchildren.

Photo of Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell

Worker Bee: Marketing & Distribution On Facebook

Willingly gets her hands dirty to collect and bottle honey. She enjoys being mummy to two boys.

Photo of Stephen Mitchell

Stephen Mitchell On Facebook

Online Presence & Salesman On Twitter

Left corporate-life in late-2015 for a 'bee-change'. He is now our website designer, social media guy, + online salesman. My Web Site

Photo of Ben Bell

Ben Bell

Yard Maintenance

Helps maintain frames and boxes. Ben appreciates the bees for their pollination of his fruit trees.