LSBeez Kangaroo Island Honey

Lynne & Sarah, with support from family, work together to produce premium quality honey.

The Bells

Photo of Lynne Bell

On Facebook Lynne Bell

Queen Bee: Production & Collection

An accredited apiarist, expert queen grafter, and grandma to six grandchildren.

Photo of Ben Bell

Ben Bell

Yard Maintenance

Appreciates the bees for their pollination of his fruit trees.

The Mitchells

Photo of Sarah Mitchell

On Facebook Sarah Mitchell

Worker Bee: Marketing & Distribution

Loves the fluidity of the sweet liquid gold. Enjoys being mummy to two sons who also savor her passion.

Photo of Stephen Mitchell

My Web Site On Facebook On Twitter Stephen Mitchell

Online Presence & Salesman

Left corporate-life in late-2015 for a 'bee-change'. Now our website designer, social media guy & online salesman.

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