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Website Designs by Stephen Mitchell

Mow&Wash (2018)

My small-business on Kangaroo Island offering professional window-washing and lawn-mowing.

U2Shrine (2001-2016)

U2Shrine 2012 A fan since 1984, I had to have a shrine of the band, the music, & their world influence. Includes information about U2-paraphernalia and song reviews.

LSBeez Honey, Kangaroo Island (2013)

LSBeez Honey Includes stockist locations, team details, and product-details. An evolution as the business builds. Upgraded to HTML5 in 2019. More on Facebook.

Apex SA/NT State Webmaster (2004 - 2007)

I revamped a MS-Word website with HTML & CSS. I also designed a home-page for the "Apex Australia Teenage Fashion" show.

Apex Club of West Beach (2004)

Whilst President I designed & maintained the club website, recording all community events and membership.

Four Feral Cats (2004-2016)

Evolution of Four Feral Cats The saga of four feral cats growing old in domestic suburbia and their fight with two loving humans. After life-threatening injuries and ill health, all four cats passed away between 2011 & 2016. Photographs of Fluff, Paws, Trouble & Mischief

Sturt Table Tennis Club (2003-2010)

Designed to remove deprecated CSS, consequently browser-resolution issues stopped occurring.

Thanks to Stephen the Club now has a web site that is visually appealing and very professional in design. Stephen has ... built an excellent site.

ezCREATE.Productions (2001 - current)

Built as a base for all my code sampling, it has evolved into a static point at which I exist online. From here you can connect to all my photo galleries & social media activities. The images below variations of designs I have used.

All sites designed prior 1999 were removed in mid-2015.