Stephen Mitchell's Website Design

U2Shrine (2001-2016)

U2Shrine 2012 A fan since 1984, I just had to have my own shrine of the band, the music, & their amazing influence. Includes information about U2-paraphernalia and personal song reviews.

STATUS: Removed in mid 2016 in preparation for a complete overhaul.

UPDATE: Moved to

LS Beez Honey, Kangaroo Island (2013)

LSBeez Honey Gimp-created graphics plus CSS & HTML written in MS Notepad. An evolution as the business builds. Includes client's qualifications, internationally & across Australia.

Apex SA/NT State Webmaster (2004 - 2007)

Rejoined Apex in 2004, I took position of State Webmaster. I revamped the HTML, incorporated effective CSS, bringing the site into the new millennia. During my time I was asked to design the initial page for the "Apex Australia Teenage Fashion" show. I built a stylish layout, created the graphics,and hand-wrote all the code with MS Notepad.

Apex Club of West Beach (2004)

Whilst President I took responsibility for creating and maintaining the club website, keeping a record of community events and membership. All was removed from the internet after I resigned from the State Board and left my Apex Club in 2008.

Four Feral Cats (2004)

Evolution of 'Four Feral Cats' Web Site The saga of four feral cats growing old in domestic suburbia and their fight with evil humans in a never ending saga to win a spot in front of the heater.

STATUS: "After life-threatening injuries and ill health, all four cats unfortunately died between 2011 and 2016. RIP."

Sturt Table Tennis Club (2003)

Designed to incorporate non-Microsoft CSS, {class, style, nil TABLES or IFRAMES}, solving browser issues occurring.

TESTIMONIAL: "Thanks to Stephen the Club now has a web site that is visually appealing and very professional in design. Stephen has ... built an excellent site ... and made many excellent suggestions."

ezCREATE (2001 - current)

ezCREATE.Productions - 2015 Incarnation Screen dump of Internal Navigation Initially built as a base for all my code sampling, it has evolved into a static point at which I exist online. From here you can connect to all my photo galleries & social media activities.

STATUS: "After a lot of online learning, and many trials and errors, it is still fun ensuring the code validates."

There have been many other sites designed since 1999, but I decided to remove them from this page in mid 2015.