Websites Designed by Stephen Mitchell

Ever The Web Designer

Of all things I have done, designing web sites is still my favourite hobby. I still love providing sleek websites that invoke a thumbs-up. This page showcases my recent work. All designs prior to 2015 removed.

My 5KIxFM90.7 Page (2019-)

Initially built to ONLY display my show & playlists, plus an extensive example of my web design and graphic design skills.

January 2020

Momentarily included radio-presenter bio's, calendar, sponsors and link to their live-stream.

October 2020

Returned to being link to MY radio show.

Mow&Wash (2018)

My small-business on Kangaroo Island offering professional window-washing and lawn-mowing.

February 2020

Redesigned utilising newly learned skills in HTML5 and CSS3. Extensive graphics designed to incorporate into layers with multiple backgrounds. End result enables appearance of music waves moving from microphone to headphone!

October 2020

New navigation incorporates opacity: 0.9; filter: saturate(1); and filter:saturate(2); with a combination of PNG's and colours to produce an interesting and unexpected effect.

LSBeez (2013)

Now Includes stockist locations, team details, and product-details. Upgraded to HTML5 in 2019.

ezCREATE (2003-)

Originally built for my code sampling & writing, evolved into static point for my online existence.

U2 Shrine (2000-2016)

Fan since 1984, this is online shrine for my U2 paraphernalia. Moved to Wordpress in 2017.

Four Feral Cats (2004-2016)

Saga of our cats living in domestic suburbia with two loving humans. All four cats passed away 2011-2016.