Stephen Mitchell 
Web Design History & Portfolio

My Web Design History

I began teaching myself basic HTML & CSS in the mid 1990's, long before the Internet was fashionable.

I have had no tertiary studies. I couldn't afford to and the people I worked for didn't believe in me.

After a few years hiatus, in mid 2019 I regained my mojo and started doing it again.

I am learning new tricks, therefore some sites have been redesigned many times!

If this bores you, scroll down to My Web Design Portfolio.


Learned CSSx and HTMLx, graphic design, GIF animation & Adobe Dreamweaver.

Introduced to HTML & CSS, FRAMEs & IFRAMEs.

Sadly created tables within tables.

1995: Changed exclusively to external style sheets.


Started reading web-design books; Realised CSS & HTML errors of many web sites.



Redesigned Sturt Table Tennis Club from MS Word.


Designed Apex Club of West Beach website.

Registered ezCREATE ® &


Began blogging. Discovered fluid designs with lots of sprites.

Returned to MS Notepad.


Converted Apex SA/NT from MS-Word to HTML & CSS.


Returned after 10 year hiatus.

Discovered and learned CSS3 & HTML5. Started using NotePad++ exclusively.


Began building unofficial website for 5KixFM90.7.

Released website for my new business: Mow&Wash



Redesigned LSBeez and ezCREATE using HTML5 & CSS3 elements & attributes.


Purchased stephentrepreneur.



Designed gridbox CSS3 site for 5KIxFM90.7. Rejected. Converted site to advertise my radio programs.


Redesigned LSBeez and ezCREATE incorporating flexible-grids.


Designing web sites was my hobby, passion & occasional paid-job from 1998 till 2011.

This page showcases my work.

I still enjoying producing sleek code.

All designs and weblinks prior to 2015 removed.

5KIx FM90.7 (2019-)

Initially built to ONLY display my show & playlists.

January 2020

Momentarily included radio-presenter bio's, calendar and sponsors.

October 2020

Revised to be page for MY radio shows. Includes live stream.

Mow&Wash (2018-)

Basic design displaying my small-business offering professional window-washing on Kangaroo Island.

February 2020

Redesigned utilising HTML5 and CSS3. Graphics designed specifically for #layers with multiple backgrounds.

LSBeez (2013-)

Now Includes stockist locations, team details, and product-details. Upgraded to HTML5 in 2019.

ezCREATE (2003-)

Originally built to display my code sampling & writing, then evolved into static point for my online existence.

U2 Shrine (2000-2016) - DELETED

Fan since 1984, this is online shrine for my U2 paraphernalia. Moved to Wordpress in 2017.

Four Feral Cats (2004-2016) - DELETED

Saga of our cats living in domestic suburbia with two loving humans. All four cats passed away 2011-2016.