Website Design by Stephen Mitchell


1998: First started doodling with HTML & CSS.

Taught myself how to writing CSS, HTML, HTML5, graphics, and many more related subjects - and began publishing them on my blog, and now some in my brainfeed.


2001-2011: Designed over 50 websites, many of which are no longer online.


2001-2017: My web site was designed so everyone saw the same regardless of screen size. There was only one version, based on the premise that your browser can decide how to read the CSS in accordance with, but feel free to check if it validates:

2018: Found myself helping small sites to improve appearance & color & ensuring they validated.

2018: I saw the light. I began creating/coding my CSS3 that would enable the HTML upon my site to change itself based on the screen size of almost any computer or hand-held device.

2019: Changed entire site to HTML5 & CSS3 elements & attributes. Almost any computer or smart-device can now see its content at the correct dimension. I continue to update/modify pages, plus ensure the site validates,


2020, March: Despite fear of Covid-19 decimating world population, I spent a week off (because all my window-washing jobs were canned!), I redesigned and added new components using newly learned HTML5 & CSS3 elements & attributes. Yes, I continue to update/modify pages.

New Website Designs

5KIxFM90.7 (2019-)

Initially a presenter's page for my show & playlists, it is evolving into a complex set of pages & PDFs for the Kangaroo Island community radio station. >Soon to move to own domain.

Mow&Wash (2018)

My small-business on Kangaroo Island offering professional window-washing and lawn-mowing.

LSBeez Honey, Kangaroo Island (2013)

Includes stockist locations, team details, and product-details. An evolution as the business builds. Upgraded to HTML5 in 2019. Gave stronger presence on Facebook.

ezCREATE.Productions (2001 - current)

Built for all my code sampling, it has evolved into a static point for my online existence. From here you find my photo galleries & social media activities. The images below variations of designs I have used.

All sites designed prior 1999 were removed in mid-2015.

Old Website Designs

U2 Shrine (2000-2016)

A fan since 1984, this is my shrine for all my U2 music & paraphernalia, plus their world influence. Includes quotes & song reviews. Originally hosted here, moved to Wordpress in 2017. Haven't touched it since.

Four Feral Cats (2004-2016)

The saga of four feral cats living in domestic suburbia with two loving humans.

After life-threatening injuries and ill health, all four cats passed away between 2011 & 2016.

Sturt Table Tennis Club (2003-2010)

Designed to remove deprecated CSS, consequently browser-resolution issues stopped occurring.

Removed in 2011 after they folded. So I am told.

Apex SA/NT State Webmaster (2004 - 2007)

I redesigned a MS-Word website into HTML & CSS. I also designed the original home-page for the "Apex Australia Teenage Fashion" show.

Apex Club of West Beach (2004)

Whilst President I designed & maintained the club website, recording all community events and membership.

Removed in 2005 when I departed - as I was hosting it.