Stephen Mitchell

Self Instructions

It's my go-to webpage when I feel anxious, exasperated & any time someone bugs me.

The Book

My life instructions are provided by Tom Hopkins book: The Official Guide to Success.

I don't let stupid things like drugs, alcohol, and negative people control my mind.
  • I am always seeking new ways to make my life better plus new things to enjoy.
  • Success is the continuous journey towards the achievement of predetermined worthwhile goals.


  • Work smart – and as hard as you can without sacrificing alertness.
  • When someone tries to dump negative thinking on me, I refuse to accept it.
  • Nobody makes me feel guilty about being successful.
  • I get people names right by repeating it three times during the first conversation.
  • I find new ideas to bring to the problem, different directions to work from, and good people to give fresh inspiration.


  • I am happy & I love my life.
  • I am always discovering fascinating new things to do.
  • I stay out of the way of fast moving objects.
  • I prize my exercise time because it lets me relax and get rid of the day's tension.
  • I move pace up when I can, but I never go so fast that I break my body muscles.
  • I use habit to speed routine, not to block out reality.
  • Before you can attain success, the effort you are making has to be worthy of what you want.


  • I never get so busy with today's business that I forget about tomorrow. I am a planner, and look ahead. I do the most productive thing possible at every given moment.
  • I pre-plan my hours, days, months, years and my entire life.
  • I find my best solutions while I sleep.
  • In both thought and speech, I choose positive words to describe everything I am in favour of to build my resistance to pessimism.
  • I do not squander my time – I invest it carefully and intelligently.


  • I am not afraid to fail. Because that is how I learn. When I fail, I look at what I did right, not at what I did wrong.
  • I feel good about myself because I always do the best thing possible with my opportunity time.
  • I never let a negative thought enter my head. I always have clearly defined goals.
  • My emotions do not control me. I control them.
  • I know that laughter ranks next to sleep and food as a restorative, so I am always on the lookout for an opportunity to laugh a little.


  • My well being is in the best hands it could possibly be in: MY OWN.
  • I LOVE SUCCESS. I enjoy putting in the effort into all my actions, even when there is no profit.
  • I know where I am going because I have taken the time and trouble to make that decision.
  • I have a high degree of personal integrity that leads me to put out the extra effort. My persistence is smart, flexible, and inventive.


  • I get a lot of great ideas because I know what I want, and I keep my subconscious mind loaded with material that allows it to generate them.
  • I love action. I love doing things. I love achieving. I do all three constantly, joyfully, and successfully.
  • I say positive because success is positive, and that's the side I want to be on!
  • I am driving hard for achievement and accomplishment, not just for money.
  • I always look on the bright side of things – that's just the way I am!