Blogs of Stephen Mitchell

Stephen's Music Entertainment
~ Each PlayList, Every Week, on Radio 5KIxFM Kangaroo Island

I volunteer as a radio presenter at 5KIx FM 90.7. presenting a themed playlist each Friday morning, 10am till 1pm. Both my script and playlist of 40+ songs are published upon stephENTERTAINblog.

Being an Online Entrepreneur
~ What I Sell Online & How I Never Lose Focus

My first blog was on back in the late 1990's, my 2nd on I moved over to Wordpress in 2006(-ish). Why do I blog? Originally for no reason other than I like to write. These days I focus on presenting my artwork, photography, marketing skills, and how I find focus to persist in the online art world.

Jai and I
~ Conversations with My Two Sons

Our first born and I have been conversing since he was 12 months old. Originally one-sided and quite incoherent on his part, they have become quite amusing since his second birthday. Previously short stories on Facebook, I decided they were amusing enough to share with the world. And now that he has a little brother!

The U2 Shrine

Currently information about the members and band. Soon to include photographs of the extensive paraphenalia I have collected since 1984 - included vinyl records, magazines, posters, clothing and more!